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Saturday, 30 April 2011

143 :)

i mish eu when something really good happens bcoz eu're the one i wan to share wid .. i mish eu when something trouble me, bcoz eu're the one who understand me well .. i mish eu when i laugh n i cry bcoz eu're the one who makes the laughter grow n the tears dissapear ..

<3 i heard someone whisper eur name, but when i turned around to see who it was, i was ALONE! that i realized that it was my heart telling me that [i mish eu a lot sayang] ..

<3 wat is opposite of 2? let me tell eu .. it was a lonely me n a lonely eu ..

<3 eu must be a great runner bcoz eu r owez running in my mind, but i am bad shooter bcoz i mish eu owez :(

<3 i mish eu a little .. i guess eu could say 'a little too muc', 'a little too often' or 'a little more each day' .. dear, when eu r not around, i just cry, i have wondered why .. than i realized .. my tears come out searching for eu ..

love love love .. 8 3 1 .. 8 letter .. 3 word .. 1 meaning ..
[ily bcoz eu have taught me the true meaning of love] ..

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